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Privezak plasticni 123-MPrivezak plasticni mali pravougaonik

Privezak plasticni kvadrat

( Arts Design )

Privezak plasti?ni kvadrat


sa stampom


kom .....
15,00 32,00


kom ..... 15,00 28,00


kom ..... 15,00 25,00


kom ..... 14,00 23,00

Privezak plasti?ni kvadrat
Povrsina za štampu: 30*30 mm

The classic promotional acrylic keyrings from ClickPromoGifts are designed from high quality acrylic with a printed insert. These keyrings can be ordered in an amazing range of acrylic colours that will enhance and promote your brand value or message.

Create your own keyrings. Comes in two pieces one base and the window, which simply clicks in place after you have placed your own insert inside .

Its easy, make your own keyrings using your own home computer, you simply need a printer and a Desktop Publishing Package and that's it! You are making keyrings.

Ideal for Schools, Clubs, Hotels, Fundraising, Car Boot Sales and so many more uses. . (Blank plastic oblong keyrings have an insert size of 45mm x 35mm and comes complete with plastic window and ring is already attached )