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tampa na slikarskom platnu

Vase fotografije odstampane na slikarskom platnu.

Features at a glance

Lifelong quality. We offer a 100 year guarantee against fading on our canvas prints, because we use only the best polycotton canvas, FSC-approved wood frames and solvent-based inks. Which other companies are confident enough to offer such a guarantee?

Custom sizes at no extra cost. Our production technique allows us to create canvas prints of any size you wish up to 1.5m in either height or width. We use 44mm deep kiln-dried redwood for the frames which is cut and assembled to your exact size of print.

No re-tensioning needed. Because we stretch your canvas print to optimum tension before we despatch it, there is no need to re-tension it after three or six months.

Pricing illustrations

100% inclusive pricing logo Please remember that our prices are fully inclusive of professional advice to help you prepare your file for printing, pre-press checks, PDF proofs and printing. The only charges to add are for delivery and VAT, where applicable. We never add 'hidden extras' and we stand by that principle 100%.

Single canvas print, 30 x 30 cm (12" x 12" approx.)

  • 1 = 42.40
  • 2 = 76.32
  • 3 = 108.12

Spanning canvas print, three prints, overall size 150cm x 60 cm (5' by 2' approx). with 50mm (2" approx.) gap between each print

  • 1 set of three prints = 369.75
  • 2 sets of three prints = 665.55
  • 3 sets of three prints = 942.86

Edge detail

Image continues over edge Image mirrors from edge White edge Solid colour edge

There are four ways we can print your canvas, illustrated above. All options cost the same.

Turnaround time

Canvas prints are despatched within 12 working days.

VAT guidance

Canvas prints are standard rated for VAT.


Unfortunately it is not practical for us to supply samples of canvas prints. If you have any questions about the prints or how to supply a photograph for printing onto canvas, please feel free to contact us using our Freephone Design Advice Line on 0800 077 6467 and we will be delighted to help.

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7.00 €
210*297 mm
[Product Details...]

7.00 €
210*297 mm
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7.00 €
210*297 mm
[Product Details...]

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